The Apple Doesn't Fall far from the Tree

Evelyn is the first child of the late, great Jazz drummer, Art Blakey. Born in Pittsburgh, she moved to Harlem in 1948 when she was 10 years old to grow up amongst all the music and musical giants living and playing in post WW2 NYC .

"I used to be 5'1" but now I am 5."

Evelyn has lived the music, sung the music all over the world. Her passport bears the stamps of Russia, Siberia (in the Spring!), Israel, Japan (many times), Germany (where she was arrested for her political songs), France, Canada, Curacao, Bermuda & St. Croix.

She is a consummate performer, moving a crowd like no other. "Evelyn Blakey & the Music Messengers" is an ever-changing CD. The original, international band, Denis Charles, Montego Joe, Akira Ondo & Arik Strauss recorded in 1995. This is now accompanied by a recording of a live performance in the south of Japan featuring stellar Japanese musicians Fuji Sadayasu (p); Hideji Taninaka (b); with AKira Yamaryo (dr). Tunes include " No Problem" and " The Stringbean Blues".

Evelyn Blakey and Steve Benson (g) is a tribute to Art Blakey, including "For Bu - Straight Ahead", "Mack the Knife"; "Bye Bye Blackbird", and many others.

Evelyn's signature songs include her own, "Ingemame Blues", "Bobby Timmons' Moanin'"; "Wild Women Don't get the Blues"; "You Got to Pay the Band" (an Abbey Lincoln tune) and standards like "What a Wonderful World", "Night in Tunisia & Georgia".

get more info and order cd's and tees by Emailing Ev or calling (917) 687-5334.

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get more info and order cd's and tees by Emailing Ev or calling (917) 687-5334.

Singing "WILD WOMEN" | watch video
06:21 min
Evelyn Blakey the famed daughter of The Late Great drummer Art Blakey performs at The House Of Tribes with friends. Produced by Kwame Adansi-Bona and Dominique Bachemin Adansi-Bona.

Singing "Realm Of Love" | watch video
08:06 min
Evelyn Blakey famed daughter of the Great Art Blakey performs at THE HOUSE OF TRIBES with friends. "Realm of Love" was written by the viola player, Lois Slessinger. This video was directed, produced and shot by the Great Astrologer, Kwame Adansi-Bona.



The Apple Doesn't Fall far from the Tree!

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